What To Consider Before Hiring A Roofer

Are you looking to install a new roof in your home or business? Do you feel that your old roof needs to be repaired? Well, you need the best roofer for the job. Here are some of the things to consider before hiring a good roofer.

1. Experience

You need to consider how long the roofer has been in business. Remember, roofing styles and techniques are constantly changing and a roofer who has been in business for a long time has the expertise to meet your roofing requirements effortlessly. Experience is especially important when it comes to commercial roofing because of the size of the projects and importance of reliability.

2. Reputation

Certainly, you don’t want to hire a roofer without an ounce of reputation. Find out what people in the community know about the roofer. You can ask for recommendations and reviews before hiring the roofer. Additionally, you can check the roofer’s website or social media pages to determine what the previous customers are saying. If everything looks positive, your roofing project is in the best hands.

3. Quality Of Work

Roofing projects can be quite costly so you need to know how whether you are getting the right services for your money. Here, you should ask the roofer for a portfolio and look through the previous projects to judge the quality of work. If you do enough research, you should find a roofer who can guarantee the best quality of work for your money.

4. Cost

Whether you are repairing or replacing your roof, you should be prepared to pay quite an amount of money for it. However, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality of work for the money. Before hiring a roofer, you need to confirm the pricing of the services offered. Here, you can ask for written estimates from a few roofers then compare each service offered for the price quoted. That way, you can avoid any hidden costs once the project is completed. As a rule of thumb, don’t rush into hiring the roofer with the lowest quote without determining whether their work is actually good.

5. Licensing

Just like anyone else offering services, roofers need to be licensed for their roofing services. Ask the roofer for a copy of their license and check the local licensing board to confirm the validity of the licensing. There are a few perks to hiring a licensed roofer including the fact that you can count on high quality work. Even better, if there are any disputes coming up after the work is completed, they can be resolved effortlessly.

6. Professional Employees

When looking for a roofing company, you need to know who will be working specifically on your project. Find out whether the company does background checks on the employees and whether they are rightfully compensated for the project. Additionally, the company should offer the right insurance coverage in the event that something goes wrong during the project. Also, the employees should be personally certified or licensed to offer roofing services.

Don’t rush into hiring a roofer because it’s a huge investment. If you do your research and use the tips mentioned above, you can find the best roofing company effortlessly.

When To Repair Your Roof Instead Of Replacing It

A new roof installation can be very expensive. You might actually end up breaking the bank paying for it. Whether it’s your business or residential roof, you need to consider when it’s the right time to repair your roof rather than replacing. Here are a few scenarios when roof repair is the best decision.

1. Repairing Shingles

If your roof is made up of asphalt shingles, there are a few times when repairing might be a good option. Basically, replacing a few of these shingles works perfectly to restore the roof to its natural beauty and function. Remember, asphalt shingles can last for a long time.

However, before you choose to replace the missing shingles, you need to ask a professional roofer to check whether the decking or underlayment is damaged. With extensive damage, a simple repair wouldn’t work. Note that, these shingles are also exposed to a lot of weather elements.

Therefore, replacing a few of them with some leftovers might look different because of the wear and tear. However, if the area with the missing shingles is inconspicuous, you can repair without any worries. Keep in mind that the shingles protect the decking from wind or moisture. Therefore, any missing shingles should be replaced immediately.

2. Leaks In The Same Area

Here, you need to check your attic thoroughly to confirm if the leak is in the same area or all over the attic. If it’s the latter, it means your roof has a lot of entry points for water. If the leaking is in the same area, you can simply patch up that area of the roof without spending too much money replacing the entire roof.

3. Wind Damage

If there has been a recent storm, you need to inspect your roof for wind damage. It could be that a few of the shingles have been blown away by the storm. You can do this with a professional roofer to help you choose the right option between repairing and replacing. However, if you notice just a few missing shingles, chances are that a repair job works perfectly at the moment.

4. Animal Damage

You might have a few holes in your roof that encourage animals to get into your attic. If your attic windows remain closed yet you find bats, birds or any other animals in the attic, chances are that there is a hole somewhere. You don’t need to replace the entire roof for this but simply replace the hole. Of course, you need to shoo away the animals before repairing the roof otherwise they will be stuck in your house.

In conclusion, a lot of roofing experts might encourage you to replace the roof whenever there is any sign of trouble. However, it is too costly to replace your entire roof if you are on a budget. Therefore, with a thorough inspection, you should be able to discern whether a repair job is the right thing to do. Also, you can patch up the damage as you seek money to replace the roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Are you just plain fed up with your traditional roof that keeps leaking and creaking? If you are worried about having to install a new roof because your old one is on its last legs, you should seriously consider installing a standing seam metal roof. Follow along for three great reasons to get this unique style of roofing.

This is really the best part if your old roof is still in good enough shape. Basically, you would not even have to tear down and replace the old one. You would simply install the standing seam on top of the old roof. As you can imagine, this is a real time-saver and saves a ton of money. Consider that in addition to getting the existing one torn down, you would also have to spend the time and cash to clean up the mess that will inevitably be there. There is also the added benefit of still being able to use the building while the installation is going on. No need to shut down the place and clear everyone out.

Historically, businesses and warehouses have been the ones benefiting from standing seam metal roofs. Luckily, many people are now realizing they too can use this great option for their house. Although you can hire a contractor to install it for you, if you have some experience then installing this type of roofing is not too complicated.

So now you have an easy to install solution to cover your aged, existing roof. The additional benefits of getting a new standing seam metal roof are the weather resistant features. It can withstand almost all different types of storms and designed to be completely resistant to water leaks. Of course, whoever is in charge will need to properly install it according to the correct specifications and instructions. Take into account that you will save big on energy costs as well. The metal roofing will act to keep heat out more than a traditional one. These types of roofs are extremely durable and can withstand many different weather conditions including wind and hail.

Now that you know this, do not hesitate to start looking for the right fit for the type of structure you have. Whether you are installing it yourself or hiring a specialist to do it for you, either way you will forever be comforted knowing you have a top quality, tough as nails roof that will be around for a very long time. Also keep in mind that you can compare different colors and styles to suit your home. Installing a standing seam metal roof should be a high priority at the top of your list if you are worried about your existing roof.

Avoiding Roofing Scams

In addition to the outright scams that we have previously talked about, there are a few tricks or shortcuts that unscrupulous roofers might engage in to cheat homeowners out of a few hundred dollars. Storm chasers and fly-by-night roofers are more likely to engage in some of these tactics than local roofing contractors because they are usually long gone before anyone catches on.

Substitution of cheaper materials than specified in the job proposal is a common tactic. Make sure that the materials going on your roof are the ones you actually paid for. Some shady roofers have been known to charge for premium quality shingles, but only put standard quality shingles on the roof.

If you can be present when the job is started, check out the wrappers on the bundles of shingles and make sure that they are the right ones. While you’re at it, check the color before the roofer starts installing them. The wrong color could have been ordered or there may have been a mix up in the delivery.

Using unskilled labor is another way that roofing contractors will try to cut corners. This is important because a high quality roof installation is necessary for a high quality asphalt shingle roof. The best roofing contractors use highly trained and experienced roofing crews which results in a superior quality roof.

Some roofing contractors will try to get by without liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance. A good roofing contractor will protect his customers by carrying both types of insurance and will be happy to provide proof of coverage. Don’t use uninsured roofing contractors. You don’t want to have to deal with a claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy in the event of an accident.

One more way that a homeowner can get burned by an unscrupulous out of town roofing contractor is when the contractor leaves town after the job is completed with full payment for the reroofing, but does not pay the subcontractors or the roofing materials yard. Here is how it works:

A roofing contractor moves into an area that has been hard hit by hail that damaged hundreds of roofs. The roofing contractor signs up some customers and then subcontracts the work out to independent roofers and buys the materials on credit at the local building supply company.

After the work is complete, the customers pay the contractor in full but the contractor does not pay the subcontractors or the materials yard. Instead the contractor pulls a fast one and leaves town. The subcontractors and the materials yard file liens on the house and homeowner has no choice but to pay the amounts due to the subcontractors and the materials yard.

The homeowner ends up paying for the roof twice and if anything goes wrong with the roof the homeowner will have to pay a local roofer to fix it. The homeowner certainly cannot depend on the original roofing contractor to honor any warranty claims.

The homeowner could avoid both of these problems by dealing with an established, reputable local roofing contractor who can’t afford to treat customers this way. They would quickly be out of business if they did. In addition, a local contractor is easy to find in the event of a dispute.